RevoSport 5

Our 5mm thickness shock pad comes in a 200 kg/m3 density and is designed to offer cushioning to artificially landscaped areas, such as gardens or general play areas.

RevoSport 10

Our 10mm thickness shock pad layer offers superb shock absorption and ball rebound properties and is an ideal component for a range of synthetic sports pitch uses.

RevoSport 12

This product is designed for use under synthetic hockey or football pitches, or multi-sport facilities. This shock pad is also suitable for use on MUGA facilities.

RevoSport 14

This is the real ‘all-rounder’ of the RevoSport shock pad range. This 14mm thick pad can be used across a range of sports including Football, World Rugby and GAA, plus Multi Sport facilities.

RevoSport 15

The 15mm shock pad is suitable for use on facilities across a range of sports, including football, rugby and GAA, plus facilities where more than one sport is played.

RevoSport 20

Our thicker shock pad 20mm offers ideal shock absorption for high impact sports, in combination with the correct artificial turf pile height and infill rates. It can be used for play areas too.

RevoSport 25

The thickest of our standard shock pad range, our 25mm shock pad offers excellent shock absorption and cushioning for hard impact sports, play areas and has been successfully installed and used on various applications.

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